Charlotte At Hospital

Lymphoma & Watch and Wait

In 2015, Charlotte was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s follicular lymphoma, a type of slow-growing incurable blood cancer in 2015. She was the youngest patient her consultant had seen with this type of cancer.

After undergoing 3 years of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, Charlotte went into remission, but unfortunately, in the summer of 2021, she found out that her cancer had relapsed. Charlotte shares her lymphoma lowdown on a type of active cancer monitoring called ‘watch and wait’.

Claire’s Hodgkin Lymphoma Story

Hi I’m Claire, I’m 31 and I ​have stage 4 classic hodgkins lymphoma and I am currently going through Chemotherapy (7 treatments down). On 16th July 2021 I was diagnosed with cancer, it’s a blur that day and to be honest I never thought it would be me. ​I got married in April and had […]

Nic Lymphoma Stoy

Nic’s Hodgkin Lymphoma Story

On 17th June 2021 I was diagnosed with 4B Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. It was no longer in just my lymph nodes but had also metastasised to my pancreas, kidneys, lungs and bones. I first noticed symptoms back in December 2020. I had flu-like symptoms such as body aches, fatigue, night sweats and fevers, I also […]


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