Mid June 2019 I had a sore throat, sore neck and was getting a lot of night sweats, I went to my GP several times for two months and each time she gave me antibiotics. The last time I went she said there was nothing wrong with me and that I’m too young, but I knew there was something seriously wrong, I was tired all the time, so myself and my mam told her I wanted an ultrasound.

I went and had that and the next my GP rang and told me to get there quick she felt my stomach and told me to go home and pack a bag because I had to go hospital. I was in hospital for 8 days I got a few test done, bloods, CT scan and a biopsy. On the 2nd of October I was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 20.

The previous day of my diagnosis I was at my uncles funeral who had died from bowel cancer. When I met my haematologist he told me that I had the “good cancer” and that I’d be on ABVD but if that didn’t work I’d be on a stronger chemo that could effect my fertility so I got my eggs froze just incase on the 30th of October. The following day the 31st I had my first chemo I was still in a lot of pain from the procedure and I think that made the first chemo really hard for me, I was very sick after but luckily that was the only time I was very sick after chemo. I had chemo every fortnight for 4 months. On the 13th of February it was supposed to be my last chemo but I had found another lump and my haematologist immediately organised a pet scan for the following week.

This was a really scary time for myself and my family but luckily the pet scan came back negative and I had my last chemo on the 27th of February. Chemo was really sore for me because I didn’t have a picc line. My nurses never informed me of the benefits of having one so my veins really struggled with the Decarbozine.

On the 8th of March my Nanna died from Ovarian cancer she had been battling it for 10 years and I was very upset when she died because she was my inspiration throughout everything. On the 25th of March I started radiotherapy I found this the easiest part of my journey even though it was still very hard I had to be clipped to the table with a mask that was very tight, but lucky it only took about 10 minutes each time. I had radiotherapy everyday for 3 weeks except Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

I finished treatment on the 16th of April all of my family was very proud. I am still waiting on my remission pet scan date but hopefully it will be soon. My advice to everyone is if you think something is wrong with your body always get it checked out, you know your body, even if your doctor says “you’re too young” or “theres nothing wrong” you know your body.

Thank you for your time and reading my story.