In 2012 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 3.

I had just turned 30 and became overwhelmed with fear. My sons were 5 yrs and 4 yrs old.

For 14 months I had searched for answers for my symptoms, I’d gone to see 16 doctors total and each one dismissed me saying I was allergic to everything. My only symptom was a nonstop rash on my arms and legs. I couldn’t sleep from scratching. I’ve been a nurse since 2004 and knew something was wrong. But each time the doctors dismissed me with more allergy medication.

Finally I walked into an oncologist office to assist a patient I was taking care of when the doctor there saw me and asked why I was scratching so much. I responded with “I don’t know, no one knows. I’ve got allergies I guess.” She looked at me and answered “I know what you have”.

My heart sank, she was an oncologist. After a PET scan she confirmed I had cancer, it was everywhere in my body except in my bone marrow. From there I did everything I was told, 6+months of chemotherapy surgeries and radiation. I’ve been in remission 7 yrs!

I believe that doctor that day saved my life and I am here today to encourage others to look for answers. Listen to your body!