After three months of being misdiagnosed with bronchitis, followed by pneumonia, then a sinus infection- I woke up one day with a chest pain i couldn’t bare. I tried to go to my class that morning, but ended up struggling to breathe.

My friend took me to the ER where they told me it appeared I had a blood clot in my lung. My parents drove out, took me to a hospital by my home, and there they told me they believed I had cancer due to a large mass in my lung.

After several CT scans, awful IVs, a visit to the cancer center, a lot of crying and some biopsies, they finally reached a conclusion that it was stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The mass had also completely deflated my left lung. I was absolutely devastated. I had to leave college and move back home.

However, throughout treatment, I completed 4 classes online. Looking back, my symptoms included fatigue, coughing, night sweats, shortness of breath, and swollen lymph nodes. I did 12 rounds of ABVD chemotherapy, however before my 7th round, I was sent to the hospital, as they thought I had COVID. I was struggling to breathe and I had to go on complete bedrest. I was soon moved to the ICU and it was determined it was not COVID, but bleo toxicity.

After a long and scary week, I finally returned home, and completed my last 6 rounds of chemo. I had a PET Scan soon after. I then received a call found on July 2nd from my doctor saying that that I was in remission.