It all started when I noticed a funny looking lump on my shoulder. Over a few weeks it grew bigger in size and became incredibly itchy. I went to my doctor and they said it was an insect bite and prescribed steroid cream. This didn’t help, it actually made my symptoms worse.

A few weeks past and a few more appointments made, they finally said it needed removing for a biopsy. I honestly thought it would be nothing worrying and carried on as normal. 2 weeks after it was removed I got that dreaded phone call, suspected lymphoma.

Lymphoma? I was so confused and scared. Weeks and weeks past but I finally got to see a lymphoma specialist, scans and many blood tests performed and on the 6th February 2021 I was told I had Cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma, I couldn’t believe it. I started radiotherapy treatment that week. As scary as it is you just keep going, especially for my two sons. Unfortunately CTCL has no cure and I’m learning to live with this and manage any symptoms. My advice to anyone who has worries about their body that being a lump, an itchy patch of skin, anything – get it checked. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We only get one life and it should be lived to the fullest.