I was seeing the doctor for something completely different when I asked her about my lump in my neck.

‘Ooh actually, just before I go, would you mind just checking this lump in my neck. I’m sure it’s nothing but whilst I’m here I thought I’d ask.’

I’d dismissed anything serious already. ‘Surely it won’t be cancer!? I’m only 28! I feel fine! Just because it’s a lump doesn’t mean it’s cancer, I’m just being silly. It’ll be fine. It’s nothing’ – These were just some of the thoughts I’d had before I finally plucked up the courage to ask my doctor at that appointment back in March 2020.

The GP had a feel. Checked if I had any lumps in my armpit or groin, then sent me to get my bloods done. And like they say, the rest is history.

After numerous blood tests, biopsies, CT scans, and PET scans I was diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3.

I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t even heard of Lymphoma before being diagnosed myself. At the time I didn’t think I had any symptoms, other than the lump. But looking back I had a nasty cough I just couldn’t get rid of for about a month and I also caught a sickness bug (which never happens). Knowing what I know now, I can see that these were signs that my body wasn’t fighting infections as well as it should and that something wasn’t right.

It took me so long to finally ask my GP about my lump because I didn’t want to waste a GP appointment if it was nothing serious. I realise how stupid that sounds now and will never make that mistake again!

I’m really passionate about raising awareness for Lymphoma and the signs and symptoms you should look out for.

That’s why I’m sharing my story with others – To spread the message about how important it is to know your body. And if something doesn’t feel right – PLEASE go get it checked!