Hi I’m Claire, I’m 31 and I ​have stage 4 classic hodgkins lymphoma and I am currently going through Chemotherapy (7 treatments down).

On 16th July 2021 I was diagnosed with cancer, it’s a blur that day and to be honest I never thought it would be me.

​I got married in April and had severe itching and night sweats but I put this down to stress of a covid wedding. I was back and forth to the Dr’s over pain in what I thought was my gallbladder, my inflammation markers were through the roof but yet cancer wasn’t even considered. It wasn’t until I was getting my bloods done with a lovely nurse that I told her I found a lump under my arm and It was sore to even touch my armpit that she referred me to the Dr. I always say thank goodness for this nurse & dr as he checked me over and did notice I was swollen and referred me to our local breast clinic just to be sure. But again I did get the ‘your under the age for cancer’ statement.

Fast forward to my appointment at the breast clinic and the Dr checked me over sending me for and ultrasound, mammogram then they decided on a biopsie as I had very reactive lympnods.

This was all so surreal. 10 days later I was on my own when I received my news and here I am today 7 treatments down with 5 to go. Hair loss and side effects galore but staying positive that my chemotherapy is working. My tumours are shrinking but I have another PET scan this week to make sure it’s going the right way

Night Sweats Swollen Lymph Nodes